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Bài viết mẫu dạng bài Advantages and Disadvantages IELTS Writing Task 2

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Bài viết 1 – Band 6:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Every year an increasing number of students choose to go to another country for their higher education.

Do you think the benefits of this development outweigh the problems associated with it?

Write at least 250 words.


The past twenty years have seen a dramatic change of in the number of students who go abroad to begin college in China to study. In this essay, I will explore the advantages and disadvantages of this trend.

On the one hand, both students and their country can benefit from this trend. First, students can choose more suitable education educational methods for themselves because there are more options. The course courses and teaching methods are quite different from China from those in China. According to foreign experts, the higher education in China is really not good as that of those developing countries, especially in contrast with Europian or US the standard of higher education in China is much lower compared to other countries, especially the US and European Union. Secondly, people can improve their foreign language, but as, they can contact with others native language speakers when they are in a foreign country, and they will may quickly master the foreign language. Thirdly, it helps to promote the mutual understanding between their mother land and their destination countries. These students exchange information with the locals. Students can get better understanding of the destination host countries. People in their home country will get more vivid information about other countries through these messages. Similarly, the locals also can get more clear recognition about other countries.

On the other hand, there are disadvantages too. Firstly, it costs people a lot of money to begin college in foreign countries. Many families have to take out all their savings to support their children to go abroad. Secondly, some students cannot stand the big difference of in the new environment, they maybe may quit their study and come back home.

To conclude, given the undisputable indisputable fact that to begin college studying in foreign countries helps students with their studies and promotes the mutual understanding between among countries, even if there are some drawbacks, I think the benefits outweigh the problems.


Bài viết 2 – Band 8:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people think it is better for children to grow up in the city, while others think that life in the countryside is more suitable for them. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both places?

Write at least 250 words.


Living in the rural area is thought as considered the best option for children by a group of people, while others believe that cities offer more opportunities. In my opinion, if the city offers security and green areas, I agree it is a better place to raise the next generation while enjoying some advantages from of both sides.

Firstly, the countryside let children be allows children to be in touch with nature, taking care of animals and helping with the gardening. Because of that, they learn how to protect the environment and to live without any technological equipment. Besides that, they have more freedom to play outside the house without any security worries, whereas in the city they are kept at home using and driven towards using smartphones and computers for this reason. On the other hand, schools usually have lower quality and it is hard to find extracurricular classes. Therefore, children have face difficulties trying to develop their abilities besides the school curriculum.

However, schools at metropolitan areas tend to have better quality and offer all kinds of activities. Even if there is a sport or an art course that the institution does not offer, it is possible to look for it in another place around the city. As a result, all children’s talents and passions can be easier to develop. On the other hand, security, pollution and low lack of contact with nature are issues that we have to worry about. The better option would be a city with an excellent quality of life where children could play in parks and gardens.

To sum up, growing up in the countryside can be very positive for someone’s childhood, but the city will usually offer better opportunities for their talents’ development.


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